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ComBank Q+ is the first quick response (QR) based payment App to be launched under LANKAQR, the national QR standard for local currency payments introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The app is designed to be a hassle-free payment alternative for cardholders and vendors.

Customers can register their Commercial Bank Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay cards using the App. This enables them to perform LankaQR, mVisa and Mastercard QR transactions.

Payment App

QR code payments are a convenient way to make payment using your smartphone. You can scan a QR code to access a web page that displays a number of options, including credit card or digital wallet information. This is great for businesses that want to accept payments on the go, such as taxi drivers and restaurants.

QR codes are also a popular option for E-ticket booking apps, which enable their users to purchase tickets via their mobile phone. Likewise, toll booths often use QR codes for cashless toll payments.

The Quick Response (QR) based payment App offered by ComBank Q+ in Sri Lanka is an innovative service that offers customers a hassle-free payment experience. It is an interoperable app that supports Visa and MasterCard QR Code payments locally and globally.

A growing number of consumers prefer to use mobile phones as a tool for making transactions, and QR code payments are one of the most convenient ways to do so. They save time and money by eliminating the need to carry cash, which can be prone to theft or loss.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon is the first Sri Lankan banking institution to provide its Credit Card holders with a facility to settle their Credit Cards by scanning a QR code appearing on their monthly Credit Card statements. This feature has been introduced through its LANKAQR-based payment platform, which has been successfully rolled out to over 500 merchant outlets nationwide.

A customer can register any COMBANK issued MasterCard, Visa or LankaPay JCB card through the App by validating the card number, expiry date and CVV. The application allows customers to register up to five cards.

Easy to use

Commercial Bank customers can now settle their Credit Card outstanding and top-up their Pre-paid Cards instantly and conveniently via the ComBank Q+ Payment App. The app is compatible with Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay Credit Cards issued by Commercial Bank. Users have to enter their 16-digit card number, which will be displayed on the screen, to make payments.

Besides paying for goods and services, customers can also perform online merchant transactions through the App by scanning the vendor’s QR code with their mobile phones. This is the first such feature to be implemented in Sri Lanka, the Bank said.

The app has been developed based on interoperable standards, facilitating functionality in overseas locations as well. This makes the app ideal for payments in multiple markets and countries.

Customers can register any payment card (Debit, Credit & Prepaid) issued by Commercial Bank by validating its card number, expiry date and CVV. Alternatively, they can originate any LANKAQR payment by scanning any LANKAQR QR at any merchant location and obtain the status and confirmation of the transaction.

They can also remove any card linked to the app as and when they want to, while raising a complaint about a disputed transaction using the application is instant and the merchant is notified of it immediately.

Moreover, users can perform two-step Card-to-Card and Card-to-Account funds transfers, by simply keying in the recipient’s card and account details. This feature is particularly convenient for sending money to other recipients as it requires no manual interaction, the Bank said.

The Q+ Payment App also features Scheduled Payments, a recurring standing instructions feature that is ideal for settling Credit Card bills, utility bills, insurance premiums and school fees. Users can set up a recurring schedule and receive instant SMS notifications on the status of each transaction.

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The ComBank Q+ Payment App is secured by Euronet Worldwide’s Digital Integrated Payments Cloud (DIPC) technology. It is the first QR-based payment app to be launched under LANKAQR, the national QR standard for local currency payments introduced by Sri Lanka’s central bank.

Users can add their Commercial Bank Visa, Mastercard and LankaPay cards to the app and perform LANKAQR, MasterCard QR and mVisa transactions through static and dynamic QR codes. Moreover, the application supports static and dynamic EMVCo QR codes, ensuring a faster and frictionless payment experience for both merchants and customers.

It also enables a host of other benefits to cardholders and vendors including hassle-free bill payments and an enhanced payment scheduling feature similar to standing orders. Additionally, customers can also make fund transfers in two ways using ‘Visa Direct’ and ‘Mastercard Send’ facilities. The app also features a ‘Favourites’ tab to store recipient card and account details to enable future transactions even more conveniently, the Bank said.

To use the ComBank Q+ Payment App, customers need to register their ComBank cards through a self-registration process. This involves linking their cards to the app through an authentication process via SMS. After registering their cards, they can then add up to five ComBank Visa, Mastercard or LankaPay cards to the app and make transactions through their registered cards.

As a result of this, the ComBank Q+ Payment App is a convenient and secure alternative to conventional payments and is proving popular among both cardholders and merchants alike. As part of its support to the Central Bank’s post-lockdown initiative to popularise QR code-based digital payments, Commercial Bank has continuously enhanced the App and facilitated its promotion among both merchants and consumers.

Easy to register

The first QR based Payment App to be launched under the national QR standard, LANKAQR in Sri Lanka, the ComBank Q+ payment app is designed to be a hassle-free payment alternative for customers and vendors. Cardholders will be able to scan the vendor’s QR code and select one of their registered Commercial Bank cards to make the payment. This will save them the hassle of signing slips and standing in long queues, thus reducing risks involved with losing or stealing cards.

Once customers have downloaded the App, they can register their credit, debit or prepaid cards through an authentication process. This process is done via a one time password provided by the Bank to link the cards to the app and catalogue them subject to a maximum limit of five. They can thereafter choose to pay through any of the cards or by a default priority card, according to their preference.

This application is available free of charge to all the commercial banks’ Credit, Debit and Prepaid cardholders who have a mobile phone that is compatible with the App and the App Store. Using this App is easy and fast, as customers just need to download the App and register it by filling in their details, which can include a User ID and an e-mail address.

In addition to making payments through the ComBank Q+ Payment App, consumers can also settle the outstanding balance of their Credit Cards through the App’s Bill Payment option. This allows the consumer to settle their monthly statement balances from anywhere and at any time, in real-time.

The ComBank Q+ Payment App is a state-of-the-art App which offers real-time updates on online transactions. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, supports bill number validation, and is easy to navigate and use owing to its user-friendly interface.

Easy to manage

ComBank Q+ is a highly secure and convenient payment solution for customers and merchants alike. The app is based on interoperable standards and enables customers to pay for their purchases with just their mobile number.

The app enables consumers to make cashless payments through their COMBANK Mastercard, Visa or LankaPay JCB cards by scanning the QR codes of merchants who accept LANKAQR, Mastercard QR and mVisa transactions. It also enables users to make in-app bill payments for various categories such as data reloads, pre-paid and post-paid mobiles, fixed telephone lines, utilities, water and electricity (CEB and LECO), pay TV bills, insurance premiums, Commercial Bank credit card outstanding and Municipal Council Payments.

Moreover, the application supports both static and dynamic QR codes making it more user-friendly for both customers and merchants. The app is compatible with all leading international QR standards, enabling it to work in any country that implements LANKAQR and Visa Interoperability Platform (VIP).

In addition, the App is easy to manage as it supports self-registration, enabling customers to reset their password or transaction password within the App itself. The App aims to keep customers engaged by providing them with an array of services and features that add value to their banking experience.

To ensure customer safety, the App also allows customers to set a static PIN to prevent their card from being used by others without their consent. The App also supports multiple devices.

The App also has the ability to settle dues on credit cards of other banks by entering only their mobile numbers, a feature that enables customers to settle their credit card debts at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. This service is currently being offered to Commercial Bank credit card holders and is being rolled out to non-customers as well.

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