Easy to apply
Approval time
No hidden condition
Renewal rules
Service quality
Customer support
Borrower requirements
  • Be over 18
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Sri Lanka (hold a valid NIC)
  • Have a stable source of income
  • Have a valid bank account in Sri Lanka.
  • Copy of proof of home address
  • The lender can check the credit history of the borrower
Contact information
Phone number: +94117811555
Shedule 8.30am - 5.30pm

Oncredit is an online loan provider that offers a quick and easy way to get a small loan. Their website and mobile app are easy to use, and they offer loans from 2,000 Rs to 10 million rupees.

There are a lot of benefits to using an online loan provider such as Oncredit in Sri Lanka. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    2000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate
    0,5% per day
  • Term
    121 - 183 days

Easy to apply for

Online loans are a convenient way to get cash in the event of a financial emergency. However, it’s important to know which online lenders are the best before making a decision. These companies offer competitive interest rates and repayment terms that suit your personal needs.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old and have an active bank account. They must also have a steady income.

In addition, you must provide a valid residential address, even if it’s a dorm room or apartment. You must also provide a portrait photo for verification purposes.

This application process is designed to be simple and easy, requiring just a few minutes. You can complete the entire application online or via the app, and once your application is approved, you’ll be able to receive the funds in your bank account.

OnCredit has a professional consulting team that works around the clock to support receiving and reviewing applications at any time, including holidays. Your application will be reviewed within 30 minutes, and if you’re approved, you’ll be able to access the funds within 24 hours.

Getting an online loan can be stressful, but OnCredit makes the process as easy as possible. They provide a variety of repayment options, including eZ Cash and other mobile apps. They also offer a number of promotions that will help you save money.

If you’re looking for a loan in Sri Lanka, OnCredit is an excellent choice. They’re a new player in the online lending space, but they’re sure to make an impact on the market soon. They’re committed to delivering great customer service and making it as easy as possible for Sri Lankans to borrow money.

Fast disbursement

There are situations when you need an additional sum of money quickly. Perhaps you are faced with unexpected medical expenses, or a new car is needed to meet the demands of the job market. These are just a few examples of the reasons when you can use the services of OnCredit in Sri Lanka and get the required amount in your bank account in no time.

OnCredit has developed a simple and fast application system that allows you to easily apply for credit without much hassle. You can fill in the online form on your computer or mobile phone, and within minutes the company will approve your loan application.

You can choose a flexible repayment plan and the option of payment with e-wallets. Regardless of the method you choose, you will be provided with a loan agreement number and other information that you need to enter to repay your OnCredit Sri Lanka loan.

In this way, you can repay your debt as soon as possible with ease. This type of service is available in any part of the country and is particularly convenient for people who have to travel frequently.

The main advantage of OnCredit is that it does not require many documents or lengthy verification processes like traditional loans. You can apply for a loan from 2,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs on your computer or mobile phone and receive the funds in your bank account within 24 hours after the approval of your application.

Moreover, if you are a first-time borrower, you can receive an introductory rate of up to 0%! Unlike cash lending banks, OnCredit has no hidden fees or penalties and will provide you with all the necessary information about your payments.

If you have any questions about the process of obtaining an online Sri Lanka OnCredit loan, you can always contact the company’s customer support. The team will be happy to answer your questions and help you solve any issues that may arise.

Getting credit through the Internet is becoming more and more popular in Sri Lanka. There are now many online money lending companies that offer a variety of options for customers. These include mini-credit, personal loans and cash lending. However, it is important to consider the terms and conditions of each lender before deciding on which one to use.


Credit cards are a popular financial product that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are an effective way to avoid dipping into savings when necessary. They can also help you build a good credit history.

This is especially true if you are planning to borrow large amounts of money. Getting a free trial loan is an excellent way to see how the service works before deciding to apply for a larger amount.

Easy to repay

Oncredit in sri lanka is an excellent choice for borrowers who wish to get a loan without having to go through a long and tedious process. This is because online loans are fast and easy to apply for, and you don’t have to fill out a lot of documents. Moreover, they don’t require any collateral or guarantor.

The main advantage of oncredit is that you can repay it at your own pace and convenience. This is especially beneficial if you are unable to make a payment at the agreed time or need extra money quickly to cover unexpected expenses.

You can pay the loan back by using any method you like, such as cash transfer or debit card. Most lenders in Sri Lanka offer these options and you can choose whichever works best for you.

However, you should be careful about how much you borrow and whether you have the ability to repay it in time. If you don’t, a loan can turn into a financial emergency.

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Thilini Amarasekara
01 August 2023
I applied for a loan of LKR 500,000 through OnCredit. Not only was the application process seamless, but the funds were also disbursed quicker than I expected.
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Thanks for the quick and easy online loan! I filled out an application for holiday needs, and received the money in a few hours. The whole process took a minimum of time, and everything was just fine!
Manoj Mohamed
The standard form of filling, I turned here because I found the first one, with a search query.
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